What Are Silverfish and What Do They Do?

Silverfish are a pest that can damage your clothes, books, photos, and more. They can also be dangerous to your health. Luckily, there are ways to prevent silverfish infestations.

To start, make sure to clean up any damaged items. A damaged book, for example, can be expensive to repair. Additionally, replacing a damaged piece of furniture can be a hassle.

Silverfish are attracted to damp areas. If you have a basement or another dark, moist place, you may want to consider dehumidifiers to help keep the humidity level down.

Another way to discourage silverfish is by removing their shelter. For instance, silverfish can hide under piles of books or paper. You can also get rid of silverfish by filling up cracks and crevices.

The best way to eliminate a silverfish infestation is to prevent it in the first place. That means keeping your home clean, dry, and free of clutter.

Keeping wood away from your home is also essential. This is especially true if the wood has been in contact with water. Moisture will make it easier for silverfish and other pests to chew through the wood.

You can also use cedar oil and cedar shavings to discourage silverfish. Spread the shavings on stockings or place them in small cloth sachets. These can be placed in cabinets and closets.

One of the most common places for silverfish to nest is under rocks or logs. However, the pests can easily find their way inside your home.

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