Is Silverfish Bad For Dogs?

Silverfish are small insects that are usually found in damp or dark areas. They are not poisonous and do not bite, but they can cause damage to your house and pets. In addition, the scales and exoskeleton of the silverfish can trigger allergic reactions in some people.

Silverfish are most commonly found in houses that have clutter. This can include magazines, books, and papers. It’s important to keep your belongings in airtight bins.

If you have a large infestation, you may have to contact a professional for help. Some insects can be controlled by using insecticides, but it can take several weeks for the treatments to work. Be sure to follow the instructions on the product.

When you’re dealing with a small infestation, it can be helpful to use boric acid. Boric acid is toxic to both pets and humans, so it’s important to keep your pet out of areas where chemicals could be contaminating your home. You should also check the label for any restrictions.

You can also keep your house smelling fresh by placing bags of spices around. Hanging bags over your wallpaper or over woods can also be a good idea. The essential oil of lavender can also be used to deter the insects.

Silverfish love to chew on paper and fabrics, especially with spills and old clothing. These insects are known to leave stains and holes in tablecloths, curtains, and wallpaper.

If you have a silverfish infestation, you should consider getting your home professionally treated. Your licensed pest control expert can recommend the best treatment for your situation.

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