How to Use Borax to Kill Silverfish

If you are looking for a natural way to kill silverfish, then you might want to consider borax. This versatile insecticide is easy to buy and can eliminate pests on contact.

However, before using it, you should know its pitfalls. While borax is safe to use around children and pets, it is toxic if it is inhaled. You should always wear a mask when you use it. Lastly, borax may not work on silverfish dens.

To combat a silverfish infestation, you should first remove all its food sources. This includes paper, books, and carpets. Additionally, you should take care not to leave any food on the floor.

Then, you should place sticky traps in areas where you suspect silverfish have been hiding. You can also use a small piece of bread as bait. Silverfish will be unable to resist the salt.

Boric acid can also be used as a home remedy to rid your house of silverfish. It can be purchased in some pharmacies and hardware stores. Use it in the basement, attic, and even the gutter.

Diatomaceous earth can also be used to rid your home of silverfish. This mineral is found naturally in several minerals, including volcanic ash. In a pinch, you can mix a little bit of water with it. Once the mixture is damp, you can sprinkle it in any place that silverfish are likely to congregate.

Cedar shavings can also be used to repel silverfish. However, cedar shavings will make a mess.