How to Prevent Silverfish From Coming in Through Windows

When it comes to preventing silverfish from entering your home, it’s important to consider the moisture levels. These tiny insects are attracted to areas that are damp, dark, and secluded.

To help prevent silverfish from gaining access to your home, seal any holes or gaps with caulk. This includes the cracks around windows, doors, and walls.

Keep your home free from dust, debris, and moist materials. Silverfish are nocturnal pests and will enter your home at night. If you suspect you have an infestation, contact a professional. A licensed pest control technician can help you get rid of it.

You can also try using dehumidifiers and fans to control the humidity in your home. Having your home’s humidity at between 30% and 50% can keep silverfish away.

Keeping your house tidy will not only help you keep your silverfish problem under control, but it will also keep them out of the way of your vacuum. It is also a good idea to keep your windows open.

You can spray your carpets with diluted Boric acid. However, be careful about using this chemical as it can be poisonous to children and pets.

You can also place a sachet bag filled with spices, cedar shavings, or cucumber peels in the area where you suspect you have a silverfish infestation. If you don’t want to use these remedies, you can spray your upholstered furniture with a cedarwood spray.

Another thing to do if you have a silverfish problem is to change your cleaning routine. Changing the cleaning products you use can help make your home less attractive to these insects.