How to Keep Silverfish Away From Your Home

Silverfish have the ability to live in wet areas of natural environments and in human houses. They are usually nocturnal creatures that seek out secluded, enclosed spaces.

If you are not allergic to silverfish, they are generally harmless. However, they can be a hazard to people with allergies. The byproducts that silverfish produce, such as skin molts, feces, and stains, can be a source of allergy symptoms. Some people also experience itchy throats, rhinitis, and coughing when bitten by silverfish.

The easiest way to prevent silverfish from invading your home is to keep it clean and dry. You can do this by using a dehumidifier. Also, you can open windows and leave your house well ventilated.

If you are not able to get rid of your silverfish infestation with these tips, you can use a pesticide. Alternatively, you can try a non-toxic repellent. Diatomaceous Earth is a common silverfish repellent. It absorbs fats from the insect exoskeleton cuticle.

Other silverfish repellents are essential oils. You can use lavender oil, cedarwood spray, or citrus oils. These are popular because they are not toxic.

In addition, you can also try to de-humidify your home. Fans and vent fans are great for this.

You can also prevent silverfish by sealing off entry points. Sealant is a good choice. Caulking is another option. This may sound obvious, but it can help.

Another effective way to repel silverfish is to vacuum regularly. Vacuuming is one of the fastest ways to get rid of an infestation.