How to Get Rid of Silverfish in Clothes

Silverfish are wingless insects with a body shape resembling a carrot. They have five legs and can be found in dark, damp and moist areas. Their eggs are oval-shaped and yellowish brown.

These insects feed on carbohydrates and proteins. Food residue is particularly attractive to silverfish, so be sure to check your laundry for food stains. Clean clothes are less likely to attract them, so it is better to keep your wardrobe clean.

If you suspect a silverfish infestation, you should use a vacuum cleaner to kill the bugs. After using the vacuum, place the vacuum bag in a black plastic storage bag in the sun for about two hours. The bags should then be sealed.

You can also try washing your clothes at the highest temperature that your garments can tolerate. Make sure you wash in a detergent specifically designed for fabrics. This is especially important for dry-clean-only items.

Another effective way to get rid of silverfish is to treat your clothing with cedar oil. Cedar oil is a natural and non-toxic insect repellent. It can be used on seams, baseboards and the back of closets.

Silverfish tend to lay their eggs in moist or dark places, such as in drawers, cupboards, and laundry baskets. To eliminate the eggs, you can wash in high heat or high agitation.

Some types of fabrics, like wool and cashmere, may be more vulnerable to damage from silverfish. Because of this, it is important to launder these types of clothes promptly after each use.