How to Get Rid of a Silverfish Infestation

Silverfish are a pest that can be a big nuisance. They are flat, slender creatures that measure about half an inch long. Their bodies are silvery-gray in color.

Silverfish tend to live in moist areas of natural environments. Their habitat is usually in damp basements or caves. However, they can also infest homes.

Fortunately, there are some things that you can do to prevent silverfish from entering your home. You can remove their food sources and reduce moisture. Also, you can spray essential oils in places where they are likely to be found. These are non-toxic to humans, but silverfish can still be attracted to them.

If you see holes in clothes or other belongings, you might have a silverfish infestation. However, you can get rid of them by following an effective pest control plan.

Ideally, you should store your dry goods in airtight containers. This will keep them from becoming wet and unsanitary. When you move from one location to another, you should check your belongings for signs of silverfish.

Silverfish are attracted to moisture and can get inside your home by finding their way in through the cracks in the ground. If you are adamant about keeping them out, you can consider hiring a pest control specialist.

One of the easiest ways to prevent silverfish from infesting your home is to seal any dry goods that you can. Sealing dry goods will stop silverfish from contaminating your food.

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