How Long Do Silverfish Sleep?

Silverfish are tiny insects that live in damp, dark, and secluded places. They usually infest household items. Unlike cockroaches, silverfish do not bite humans. However, they can be annoying when they are in large numbers.

The female silverfish usually lives for two to eight years. When she reaches adulthood, she begins to lay eggs. She can live without food for up to a year. During this time, she can produce up to 60 eggs. Depending on the environment, they can hatch in just three months.

A silverfish can survive in temperatures as low as 50 degrees. In ideal conditions, they can remain active year-round. Those in cooler climates won’t need to worry about a silverfish infestation as much.

The silverfish’s primary food source is protein, plant-based starches, and carbohydrates. These nutrients are found in decaying leaves, grass, and grass seed. Other unconventional sources of sustenance include paper, fabrics, and clothes.

Silverfish are often nocturnal, which means they are most active at night. If you notice a silverfish infestation, it is recommended that you immediately begin to clean. This should include your basement.

You can also prevent a silverfish infestation by ensuring that your house has a controlled climate. Air conditioning and vent fans can help keep the area dry. Also, sealing cracks and small crevices around doors and windows can keep the silverfish out.

In addition, dehumidifiers can keep the air dry. Some people are allergic to dust mites. It is therefore important to avoid excessive dust buildup.