How Long Do Silverfish Live?

Silverfish can be very difficult to remove from your home. They are generally nocturnal creatures that live in dark, damp places. These insects can grow up to eight years old if they have an optimum living environment.

Silverfish can be found throughout the United States. They are commonly found in kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms. This species can also be found in attics and basements. However, they are generally not harmful to humans.

A female silverfish will lay up to twenty eggs a day. The eggs are oval in shape with cream colored spots on them. As with any insect, the silverfish only lay its eggs when the right conditions are met.

Silverfish will feed on protein, carbohydrates, and sugars. Their favorite foods include cereals, glue, paper, and books. If you have a lot of these materials, be sure to store them in containers made of plastic.

If you have problems with silverfish, it is best to eliminate their food sources. You should clean your pantry and basement and make sure to dispose of all leftovers. Also, take out any piles of leaves, wood, or paper from outside your house.

Once inside your home, silverfish will seek shelter in cracks and joints. They may hide in cabinets, under sinks, or in the bathroom.

Although silverfish do not bite people, they can cause rashes or damage clothing, paper, and fabrics. If you have these problems, consider getting a pest control professional to help you get rid of the silverfish.

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