How Do Silverfish Get in Your House?

If you’ve noticed silverfish around your home, you may be wondering how they got in. These tiny insects are not poisonous or dangerous to humans, but they can be destructive. They can cause damage to your books, photos, and other valuable possessions.

Silverfish usually live in damp, dark areas. They’re nocturnal creatures, so they are active at night. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to prevent a silverfish infestation.

First, don’t leave piles of paper or old books lying around. These can serve as a magnet for silverfish. Instead, store your papers in airtight bins.

You can also try making a trap using rolled up newspapers. Use elastic bands to hold the newspaper. Dip it in water to make it moist. Alternatively, you can dunk the newspaper in a running tap to make it wet.

Next, seal any cracks or gaps in your home. This is especially important in areas where silverfish like to congregate. Sealing any leaking pipes is another effective way to keep silverfish out.

Finally, consider the use of essential oils to repel silverfish. Essential oils are non-toxic for human consumption. They can be diluted in a larger bottle of water and sprayed in areas where they are likely to attract silverfish.

When attempting to exterminate silverfish, it is recommended to call a professional. Their trained eye will be able to identify the potential sources of a silverfish infestation and help you get rid of them before they destroy your home.

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