How Large Can Silverfish Get?

Silverfish are a type of insect that are commonly found in many parts of the United States. These insects are not usually harmful to people, but they can be a problem if they invade your home. They can destroy various items in your house, affecting your quality of life.

Silverfish typically live in damp and dark places. They can also be found in bathrooms, attics, basements, and other areas with high humidity. Depending on the species, silverfish can be up to one inch in length.

They can survive for several months without food. Their weak jaws make it impossible for them to bite humans.

Silverfish feed on a variety of materials. Their preferred foods include starch, paste, and proteins. Unlike most insects, they are not known to carry pathogens. In fact, silverfish are thought to be immune to most bug poisons.

Usually, silverfish are found in the kitchen, bathroom, and basement. They are also prone to living under bookbindings. This is why it is important to remove clutter and other sources of food from these rooms.

When the infestation is severe, it can strip the wall coverings of a room. Damaged items can be expensive to replace. It is advisable to have a pest control professional inspect the affected area.

If you are unsure about the severity of your silverfish infestation, it is a good idea to have it evaluated by a qualified professional. Having a pest control company inspect your house is an easy way to prevent the problem from becoming worse.

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