How Do Silverfish Move?

Silverfish are one of the oldest insects on Earth. They are found in all sorts of places. These critters are quite unpredictable, and can travel long distances to find food.

Silverfish are wingless and have three bristle-like appendages on the back. These scaly critters have compound eyes and a sensitive antenna. Usually, they are found in dark, damp places where they are easily attracted to moisture.

As adults, silverfish are about half an inch in length. When they reach their full size, they are a silvery-gray color. This makes them look a bit alien.

They move quickly and can outrun other creatures. They are not known to carry diseases or venom, and they do not bite. However, they can cause a lot of damage to your household items.

Some of their favorite foods include plant matter, paper, clothing, and starch. In their natural habitat, silverfish are able to survive without food for weeks at a time.

When they enter a home, silverfish will often hide in dark, moist areas. You can keep them out by keeping your home dry, and by making sure there is sufficient ventilation.

It’s also possible to trap them. A number of home improvement stores offer tools for catching silverfish. One of the most effective is a sticky trap. Sticky traps are made of cardboard with a layer of glue on the bottom. The silverfish will get stuck to the glue. Once they fall inside the trap, they are trapped.

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