Are Silverfish Bad For Dogs?

Silverfish are small insects that tend to live in household environments. They are not harmful to humans and dogs, but can cause damage to homes.

If your home is infested with silverfish, it is best to hire a pest control service. A professional will work with you and your landlord to provide a safe, effective solution.

In addition to killing silverfish, a licensed pest management company will also remove the hiding places where these insects live. These hiding places can be located in cabinets, closets, or even beneath appliances.

You can prevent silverfish infestations by keeping your house clean. To do this, you should avoid clutter and keep your basements, attics, and other unused rooms clean.

Additionally, you should ensure your pet’s food is stored in airtight containers and kept in sealed bags. Keeping your pets away from high humidity areas will help reduce the risk of a silverfish infestation.

While there are no known pathogens or parasites that can harm your dog, it is possible that your dog might become allergic to silverfish byproducts. If you have a pet, you should consider taking serious medical steps if your dog shows symptoms such as coughing, mucus buildup, or an itchy throat.

Although you can eliminate silverfish by using an insecticide, it is best to follow product instructions to the letter. Also, be careful not to use chemicals that may contaminate water or your food. Using insecticides can take several weeks to work, so be sure to check product approval before buying.

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