How Do Silverfish Damage Clothes?

If you have seen a large amount of silverfish on your clothes or carpet, you might be wondering if it is just a case of a pest control issue or a more serious infestation. Silverfish are a species of Lepisma, a family of insects that feed on human food and clothing. They are about 1 cm long and have a silver body.

Silverfish have a wide range of foods they are attracted to. These include sugary beverages, cereals, and paper. In addition, they like to eat wallpaper curtains, carpet, and book bindings.

Clothes moths are another insect that can destroy clothes. This particular species of insect is very destructive to homes, especially if left unchecked.

The best way to get rid of these little pests is to contact a registered pest controller. Generally, these specialists can safely treat areas that are infested with them.

To reduce the likelihood of silverfish damage to your clothes, try storing them in airtight containers. Also, avoid storing your clothes in dark, damp areas.

You can also help lower the number of silverfish in your home by avoiding high-starch foods. Instead, use cereal, fruit, and vegetables as your main sources of nutrition.

Another way to keep silverfish from causing damage to your clothes is to wash your clothes regularly. However, you should check for small holes on your clothes, as this could be a sign of a silverfish problem.

If you see an infestation, try removing the items, and wash them in hot water. If you do not have a washing machine, you can put them in the dryer at a high heat setting for 30 minutes to kill the silverfish eggs.