How Do Cedar Blocks Repeal Silverfish?

It may be difficult to determine if cedar blocks are really effective in repelling silverfish. But it is possible. A good way to find out is to follow a trail of silverfish.

Silverfish tend to breed in damp and dark areas. This includes basements and attics. In order to keep these pests away, you can use a few tricks to keep your home clean and dry.

The first is to keep your home free of dust. By vacuuming and dusting regularly, you can remove the household dust mites and other debris that attract silverfish. You should also make sure that your home’s ventilation systems are working properly.

Another trick is to keep your house’s humidity levels in the mid-70s. You can do this by installing dehumidifiers in your home. When done correctly, silverfish won’t be able to live in your home.

Using citrus fruits in your home is another great way to keep silverfish out. For example, placing orange or lemon peels in infested areas can help to repel silverfish. However, you should replace the peelings on a regular basis.

Another trick is to place chalk boxes under your sink. This is not only an effective trick to keep silverfish out, it can be used in other parts of your home to provide additional storage.

Other natural silverfish repellents include cinnamon, lavender and cedar oil. These are sprayed on surfaces where silverfish commonly congregate. If you don’t have any of these at home, try purchasing a spray that contains these ingredients.