How Big is the Biggest Silverfish?

The silverfish is a wingless insect that lives in damp, dark places. They are very small and are typically about 0.85 cm in length. Typically they live in the basement or in other moist areas. Their dietary preferences are mainly starch, sugar, and protein. However, they have been observed eating cellulose, paper, and vegetable matter.

Silverfish are often found in sinks, baths, and laundry rooms. However, they can also be found in other parts of the home. If you are having problems with silverfish, the first thing you should do is remove any external food sources. Another good tip is to keep the perimeter of your home clean.

Silverfish molt six to seven times before they reach their adult stage. A mature silverfish can live for up to eight years. After they have finished molting, they begin to develop scales.

In a one-year life cycle, silverfish lay about 30 eggs. Adults can live for a long time without food. During their lifetime, silverfish will molt at least 25 times.

When silverfish are disturbed, they run away quickly. Unlike other pests, they don’t bite people or pets. They are nocturnal and live mostly during nighttime hours.

These insects are primarily found in humid, dark, and moist areas. Although they don’t carry diseases, they can spoil food, eat wallpaper, and damage clothing.

Silverfish will often enter a home through water damage. As such, you will want to inspect your entire house for any signs of infestation. You can also check out your refrigerator, cupboards, and bathroom. Alternatively, you can place fine mesh on air ducts to prevent them from entering.