Does Silverfish Eat Paper?

Silverfish are small insects that feed on a starch-based diet. They live in moist, dark areas, and are generally found in crevices. In order to survive, they need a source of both carbohydrates and proteins.

The slender bodies of silverfish have long antennae that are useful in detecting motion without light. This enables them to enter spaces that are otherwise impossible. A silverfish may lay eggs in a small crevice and stay near a food source for several days, or even weeks.

Normally, silverfish are a nocturnal species, and they can be found in many places. They live in attics, under rocks, in cracks in walls, and in closets. Their exoskeleton enables them to squeeze into tight spaces.

Silverfish are not dangerous to people, but they can cause considerable damage to paper-based possessions. It’s important to check the books you have for signs of silverfish. If you see yellow debris on the pages, it could be a sign of an infestation.

Besides paper, silverfish can also eat other things, including fabric and glue. These items are made from cellulose fibers, a type of plant matter that gives them energy.

To avoid an infestation, keep your home dry and free of moisture. Make sure to place paper-based items in airtight containers. Also, make sure that your storage space is properly ventilated.

If you’re worried that you have a silverfish infestation, contact the Silverfish Helpline. You can also contact a pest exterminator to help you control the silverfish in your home.

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