Does Silverfish Mean Stronghold?

Silverfish are small, bluish-silver insects that appear in some areas of the world. They can infest stone blocks and igloos.

Silverfish are categorized as Hostile Creatures, which means that they can damage players and call other silverfish to attack. In addition, their attacks also trigger nearby Block 97s.

The best way to deal with silverfish is to kill them in one shot. If you have a diamond sword, you can easily take out the entire swarm in one swipe. It is recommended that you wear armor when fighting them.

Silverfish are spawned in Strongholds, so if you are in an area that contains infested stone blocks, you can expect to encounter them. They will not spawn in slabs or smooth stone.

Aside from being a nuisance, they do not give much xp. Only 5 EXP orbs will drop when killed by players.

They can also spawn in the End Portal room. They have a 10% chance to spawn with an Eye of the Ender. This adds a new threat to the End dungeon.

They cannot spawn within five blocks of any player. However, they will spawn in infested stone blocks and igloos.

They can spawn in Extreme Hills biomes. They will not spawn in mossy stone bricks. Unlike other types of mobs, cave spiders spawn from the spawner.

They can also spawn in the basements of igloos. Interestingly, they do not spawn in the basements of igloos that are built in mined areas.