Does Salt Kill Silverfish?

When it comes to silverfish control, salt can be a great dehydrator. Silverfish have to stay moist to survive. Salt will drain the moisture in their bodies, and kill them off. However, it isn’t the best option for vertical infestations.

There are many more effective methods to get rid of silverfish. These include using soaps, removing standing water and using repellents. In the long run, these methods will help discourage silverfish from returning.

You can also use citrus peels to keep silverfish away. They contain limonene, a natural insect repellent. To make this work, you will need to replace the peels periodically.

Alternatively, you can also spray a solution of lemon juice and water. This works well on silverfish, and you can also add essential oils to a diluted spray.

If you have a basement or other area that’s damp, you can use a dehumidifier to keep it dry. That’s important, because silverfish thrive in humid environments.

It’s also a good idea to seal up food and other produce to prevent silverfish from getting into it. Silverfish are known to eat flour, dead skin cells, and cardboard.

Another great natural way to get rid of silverfish is by vacuuming up the food crumbs that they leave behind. While this method isn’t always effective, it can help keep silverfish from returning.

Borax is another natural substance that can kill silverfish. Whether you use it in a liquid form or a powder, it is highly toxic to insects. Boric acid is commonly found in household cleaning products.

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