Do Silverfish Live in Walls?

Silverfish are small insects that are known to be a pest. They can invade homes and are found in damp and dark places. These creatures are very shy and are not as aggressive as cockroaches. If you see traces of silverfish, you should find a way to eliminate the infestation.

A silverfish is about half an inch long. It looks like a silvery fish, with a flattened body and two long antennae. The silverfish’s name comes from its metallic appearance.

Silverfish can enter homes through cracks or holes in the walls, windows, doors and floors. In addition to damaging your possessions, they can also cause health problems, especially if you have a sensitive immune system.

You may have noticed silverfish feeding on your clothes, photos and even books. Silverfish tend to chew on materials such as cardboard and starch.

Typical silverfish locations include the bathroom, attics, and basements. But silverfish can also live on clothes, wallpaper, and other household items.

You can keep silverfish from invading your home by vacuuming and airing your carpet. Also, make sure to get rid of water spills and leaking pipes.

The best way to prevent a silverfish infestation is to avoid standing water, particularly in bathrooms. Silverfish can also be prevented from invading the basement. Basements are generally more humid than the rest of the home.

Silverfish can be controlled by vacuuming, airing your carpet and using sticky traps. Use an all-natural repellent such as essential oils or bay leaves.