Do Silverfish Kill Roaches?

Silverfish are a common pest in many homes. They eat paper, clothes, and books. The females will lay eggs on the surfaces of your home.

Luckily, there are several ways to get rid of silverfish. However, if your infestation is large, you might want to consider hiring a professional exterminator. You can also use a combination of natural and synthetic treatments to keep them away.

First, try to eliminate as many sources of harborage as possible. For example, clean out your attic or basement. Seal up any cracks or holes in your walls and caulk utility and door jams. Also, trim vegetation around your home.

Ensure that your food and other dry goods are stored in airtight containers. This will keep them from getting wet. If you have a book collection, make sure to store your books in a container that is tightly sealed.

It’s important to avoid leaving loose paper or books lying on the floor or in corners. These are easy places for silverfish to hide.

To protect your valuable items from silverfish, make sure to store them in plastic resealable bags. Also, make sure to get rid of any old or empty boxes. When you do, ensure to recycle the paper bags at your local recycling facility.

One of the best ways to prevent silverfish from laying their eggs is to make sure that there is adequate ventilation in your house. You can do this by installing dehumidifiers or by installing fans.

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