Do Silverfish Go Into Your Ears?

Silverfish are a common insect that can cause property damage. They have a distinct appearance and a knack for hiding. However, they are not dangerous to humans or pets.

One of the most important silverfish facts to know is that these insects do not bite. However, their byproducts can mix with other dust in your home and irritate allergies. If you have a silverfish allergy, it can affect your health.

Silverfish are nocturnal insects that can eat a variety of foods. They can be attracted to sugar, carbohydrates, and other food sources. The females lay eggs in cracks around your house.

Although silverfish can cause property damage, they are not harmful. In fact, they are not even poisonous. And, unlike cockroaches, they do not spread diseases to you.

These bugs are commonly found in Middle Tennessee. They can be found on clothing, paper, fabric, and books. It is not difficult for them to get inside your home.

Since silverfish are nocturnal creatures, they are attracted to moisture in your home. They can also be drawn to damp fabrics and clothing.

While you can’t eliminate silverfish from your home, you can keep them at bay by maintaining clean and dry surroundings. You can do this by vacuuming the affected areas.

Another way to prevent silverfish from destroying your possessions is to put away books and other items that are not used frequently. This will prevent them from laying eggs and eating your clothes.