Can You Kill Silverfish With Bleach?

If you are looking for a way to kill silverfish in your home, there are several methods. You can use borax, bleach and even essential oils. The bleach and water solution is the quickest and most affordable way to get rid of silverfish.

When using bleach to kill silverfish, make sure to wear a mask to prevent breathing in the chlorine gas. Using it incorrectly can cause mild or serious mouth and throat irritation. It should be washed off immediately after exposure.

For a more natural solution to killing silverfish, try using diatomaceous earth. This naturally occurring mineral has toxic effects on insects, including silverfish. Sprinkle the mineral in areas where the bugs can hide, such as in baseboards, around windows, or in the kitchen. Once the insects are dead, vacuum up the waste.

A multi-surface waterproof sealant is also an effective way to help eliminate silverfish infestations. It can resist high humidity and is especially helpful for the bathroom.

Another natural solution to get rid of silverfish is using limonene, a chemical found in lemon peels. This is a powerful insect repellent and can be used in a spray bottle.

The best time to spray the solution is during the day, as the silverfish won’t be able to hide. You should repeat this process every two or three months for long-term control.

Another method is to use a spray bottle to mix a solution of hot water and bleach. Bleach works by killing bacteria and fungi. To avoid skin irritation, wear a mask and gloves.

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