Can You Have a Pet Silverfish?

Silverfish are an insect that lives in wet or humid environments. These insects are small, white, and sometimes brown. They have strange wiggly movements.

While they may look a bit creepy, silverfish aren’t poisonous to humans or other animals. But you might want to take precautions if you have a pet.

You should be able to remove silverfish from your home with a few simple solutions. First, vacuum regularly to rid your home of dust and dead skin cells. Regularly vacuuming your house can also discourage silverfish from living in it.

Then, you might consider using a natural silverfish removal product such as diatomaceous earth. This substance can be found in most home improvement stores and can be sprinkled around the baseboards and along the walls.

Another good solution is to use boric acid, which is a safe, inexpensive household cleaner. You can also place sticky insect traps around the corners of your house.

One way to avoid an infestation is to store your food properly. Make sure that your food is stored in a clean, sealed container. And never leave food on a surface that a silverfish can get to.

Once you have a silverfish infestation, you should try to eliminate it as soon as possible. This can be a hassle. If you are worried about your pet, you can keep it from getting into trouble with silverfish by placing it in a separate area.

You should also avoid leaving food on open surfaces in your house. Silverfish don’t like to feed on human blood.