Can Silverfish Survive in Water?

Silverfish are one of the most primitive species of insects still around. They lived for 400 million years by being too fast for other creatures to notice them.

Silverfish can thrive in a variety of environments. These include basements, bathrooms, and kitchen cabinets. Unlike cockroaches, silverfish don’t bite. However, they can destroy books and clothes, as well as damage leather, manuscripts, and other fine textiles.

Silverfish can be hard to spot because they live in secluded, moist places. They are also reclusive and avoid being seen. The best way to control a silverfish infestation is to get rid of the source.

A silverfish infestation may occur through leaky pipes or the foundation of your home. It can also be caused by excess moisture, a damp bathroom, or piles of wet refuse.

Silverfish can be prevented by keeping your home well-ventilated and free of standing water. Also, seal any gaps or cracks. You can do this by using caulk or weather strips.

For the best results, use a dehumidifier to reduce the humidity in your home. You can even invest in a dehumidifier if you aren’t able to control the moisture in your home.

While the old fashioned “spray and forget” method is the most effective, there are other options. One popular alternative is diatomaceous earth, an all-natural powder derived from fossilized diatoms.

There are also a number of essential oils that work as silverfish repellents. Peppermint oil is a particularly effective deterrent.