Can Silverfish Live in Drains?

Silverfish are a pest that many people fear. This is because they can be destructive. These tiny insects can damage leather, manuscripts and even fine textiles. They can also chew holes in paper goods.

Silverfish are often found in damp areas. Those with damp basements or bathrooms are at risk of an infestation. If you have a problem with silverfish, there are several ways to eliminate them.

One way to reduce the number of silverfish is to dehumidify your home. While air conditioners and fans can help lower the humidity, you will need to do something more if you want to get rid of silverfish.

Another way to deter silverfish is to seal cracks. You can use caulk to do this. Adding caulk to cracks and holes around windows, doors, and pipes will keep moisture out.

The most effective method to eliminate silverfish is to call a licensed pest control professional. He or she will be able to examine your home for the best solution to your problem.

There are also several natural pesticides available. Some of them are considered safe, but you should be cautious when using them.

Another thing to try is to remove clutter. You can get rid of old books and papers, as well as other things that may attract silverfish. Tossing or storing these items in airtight containers can make them less attractive.

If you have a drain that isn’t used much, you should consider relocating it. If there is no obvious reason why it isn’t being used, it’s likely that silverfish are stuck there.