Can Silverfish Make You Itch?

If you’re a person with allergies, you’ve probably been wondering if silverfish can make you itch. These nocturnal insects don’t bite, but can cause an allergic reaction. Their exoskeleton can trigger a rhinitis and respiratory problems.

Silverfish are nocturnal creatures that live in secluded places. They prefer moist, dark spots.

If you’re not careful, they can ruin your belongings. Their bites are usually harmless, though they may leave some red spots on your skin. However, if you’re sensitive to their poison, you might experience a severe allergic reaction.

While they are relatively benign, you should avoid getting them in your house. Silverfish are a common household pest. It’s not uncommon for them to enter your home through leaky pipes or foundations. To keep them out, use a trap or spray.

If you do encounter silverfish, it’s best to eliminate them by killing them. You can use a silverfish bait, a trap, or an insecticide. A powerful silverfish poison is also available. This will keep the infestation under control.

Silverfish are extremely shy animals. They rarely attack humans, but they do eat food, like glue, and can destroy your possessions. That’s why you should store any non-refrigerated foods in glass.

Silverfish are a problem because they love to contaminate foods. Ensure that your home doesn’t have a large buildup of dust. Especially in the basement, attic, and unused rooms.

As an added precaution, you should be cautious about using silverfish byproducts. Their poop is yellow and can cause staining. Also, the byproducts can mix with existing allergens.