Can Silverfish Be Red?

Silverfish are metallic silver bugs that are commonly found in homes. They live in moist and dark places.

Unlike other insects, silverfish have no wings. This allows them to avoid predators. Instead, they seek refuge in rotting wood or under rocks.

When they are out seeking food, they move in a streamlined manner that resembles a fish swimming. Their antennae help them feel around.

The females lay up to 100 eggs during their lifetime. As the nymphs grow, they go through several molts. Each time, they lose their scales and change their appearance.

Silverfish can survive for up to eight years. Though they rarely cause significant damage to your home, they can be a nuisance. If you have a large infestation of these pests, they can cause red marks to appear on your skin.

Like other bugs, silverfish have long antennae. However, they also have three slender bristles on the rear of their bodies. These bristles allow them to leap up to four inches when disturbed.

Silverfish are not the only type of cockroach that can cause you to have an allergic reaction. Centipedes, for example, can cause painful bites.

The Silverfish is part of the primitive insect order Thysanura. In the wild, silverfish can be found in many countries.

Silverfish are nocturnal, and tend to hide during the day. At night, they come out in search of food. Although these bugs are not dangerous to humans, they can cause a lot of damage to your property.

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