Are Silverfish Harmful to Clothes?

Silverfish are nocturnal insects that are part of the Lepisma family. They prefer dark, moist areas where they can hide. Their diet is mostly carbohydrate. When they find carbohydrates in your clothing, they will gnaw away at the fabric and make holes in it.

If you want to prevent an infestation of silverfish, you can follow a 5-step repellent system. This will remove silverfish residue from your clothes and destroy silverfish eggs.

Silverfish can lay their eggs in many places, but they are most likely to lay them in the folds of your clothing. The best way to destroy silverfish eggs is to wash your clothes. It is also possible to kill them by hanging the laundry to dry.

You can use hot water or a high-agitation washer to kill silverfish eggs. Make sure to use the hottest temperature safe for your type of clothing. Also, make sure you don’t mix the different piles of clothes when washing.

Dry cleaning can help kill silverfish eggs, but you should still treat your laundry with a standard detergent. While some organic dry cleaning techniques will kill the eggs, they may survive the process.

If you are concerned about the possibility of silverfish invading your clothing, you should consider taking your clothing to a dry cleaner that uses PERC. PERC is a chemical compound that destroys the eggs of silverfish.

If you are storing your clothing in an unfinished basement or in a sealed container, silverfish are less likely to infest your clothing. However, it is best to keep your laundry in a dry, dark storage area.