Are Silverfish Harmful to Cats?

There’s no reason why silverfish should be a concern to your cats. They are small wingless crustaceans that are harmless to humans and animals, though they can cause damage to your books, furniture, and other possessions.

Silverfish are small, greyish creatures with a scaled pattern on their backs. They are often found in damp or dark places. When silverfish molt, they shed skins which create a dust-like substance.

While silverfish are not harmful to pets or humans, they can be an annoying nuisance. If they are present in large numbers, they can cause damage to your home.

The best way to keep silverfish out of your home is to spray your foundation walls. You can also buy chemical bait traps from pest-specific stores.

Another option is to use a fan heater to lower the humidity in your home. However, this will not keep silverfish out of your home completely.

A silverfish is a cool looking creature. It’s got an uncanny wiggly body. Even small children should be aware of the oddball.

Although it’s no secret that cats are prone to eating insects, it’s not always good for your feline friends. Some caterpillars are able to deliver a painful sting, and your cat may experience negative health effects in the long run.

Silverfish are a fun thing for your cat to chase. However, it’s not recommended. They aren’t as healthy as they sound. That’s why it’s wise to get rid of them before they have a chance to do any serious damage.

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