How Do Silverfish Get in the House?

If you have noticed silverfish in your home, you might wonder how they get in. Silverfish are nocturnal insects that live in moist, secluded areas. They can eat paper, dust, and other non-organic materials.

A good first step to fighting a silverfish infestation is to eliminate the food source. You can do this by removing clutter and putting items in airtight containers.

Another effective way to fight an infestation is to reduce the humidity in your home. This can be done by installing dehumidifiers or by sealing up leaky pipes. It’s also a good idea to use an extractor fan in the bathroom to help keep things dry.

In addition, you should seal up any holes or cracks that you can see in your home. You can also caulk the corners of windows, baseboards, and doors. These areas are ideal for silverfish to hide.

While silverfish can be a bit of a nuisance, they are rarely harmful. In fact, they are not poisonous.

A common place to find silverfish is the attic or basement of a home. Since these areas are often warmer and have access to the earth, they are an appealing place for them. However, they can still enter through other means, such as small openings in the foundation.

Another way to deal with a silverfish infestation is to eliminate any moisture-containing conditions around your house. Moisture is the main attraction for these pests. Sealing up any leaking or leaky pipes is an effective method of preventing silverfish from entering your home.