Do Silverfish Have Larvae?

Silverfish are small nocturnal insects. They are wingless, have carrot-shaped bodies and three long, tail-like bristles at the rear.

Silverfish are known to feed on organic dyes, starches, and other protein materials. In a single year, silverfish can lay hundreds of eggs. Each egg is about 1 millimeter in size.

The lifespan of silverfish varies depending on the environment. It can survive up to 300 days without food. While it does not bite humans, they can cause serious damage to your home, if left unchecked.

These insects can be difficult to kill. You can try sticky traps or other methods. However, if the infestation is severe, you may need to contact a pest control professional.

Silverfish can live for up to three years and produce a large number of offspring. They usually are found in basements, in attics, or in wall voids.

Silverfish prefer to live in damp, cool, and dark areas. Their larvae feed on moist materials such as cellulose, cotton, and silk. Some larvae spin a silken tube, while others leave webbing.

Some silverfish feed on dead animals and other natural materials. Others feed on fabric and paper.

Some are even destructive to fabrics and wallpaper. They leave stains on surfaces and can break through the paint on walls and wallpaper.

Silverfish larvae can molt up to 50 times. The fourth molt takes place a month after hatching.

Adults are about 12 mm long. They are shiny and metallic in color. They have long antennae and light skin.