Are Silverfish Good Climbers?

Silverfish are small bluish-silver wingless insects that look like fish. These pests are usually found in damp areas such as bathrooms, kitchens, closets, and basements. They are most active at night.

Silverfish get their name from the metallic looking scales on their bodies. A silverfish can grow to be about half an inch long.

While most people are familiar with silverfish, most aren’t aware of the fact that they can climb almost anything. The silverfish can climb walls, ceilings, and even up windows.

Silverfish also have two large antennae on their heads. These help them to navigate and climb their way up and down walls.

One of the easiest ways to prevent silverfish from invading your home is to keep your house free of clutter. If you are not currently using a dehumidifier, then consider getting one to remove excess moisture in the air. This will reduce the risk of mold and other moisture related issues.

Although silverfish can be a nuisance, they aren’t harmful. However, they can do damage to your clothing, linen, and furniture.

Silverfish can be difficult to find, but their feces can be a sign of an infestation. You can inspect your house for these signs by looking for yellow stains, feces, and other debris.

If you have a silverfish infestation, you will probably need to get rid of the critters. A great way to do this is by vacuuming. Removing crumbs is another easy way to eliminate a silverfish population.