What Happens If You Eat Head Lice?

Many people wonder what happens if you eat head lice. The answer is simple: the lice go down into your stomach and dissolve. The nutrients from the lice are then absorbed by your intestines. They are then transported to your bloodstream where they are used by your cells to rebuild and restore themselves. Though some people think lice are poisonous, they are not dangerous and do not transmit any diseases.

Head lice are very common. They affect millions of people every year. Most of these people are children. The best way to protect your child is to avoid schools where lice are spread. Lice are small insects about the size of a sesame seed. So, the first step to treatment is to identify the head lice.

These tiny insects live on human scalps and need to feed several times a day. Adult lice can’t survive without a human host for more than 24 hours. Many people think that lice can be spread by bedding or pets, but this is simply not true. While lice can live on surfaces, they cannot survive on them. They must ingest blood from the human host to survive.

Unlike fleas, head lice do not transmit disease. However, they can cause itching and skin irritation. Their life cycle is only 35 days, and they are small. They are round and wingless and resemble the creature from a sci-fi movie. When they hatch, they become small insects called nymphs, which can then develop into adult lice. Once they are mature, they will begin to lay more eggs.

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