Can You Get a Prescription For Head Lice?

While you can purchase an OTC head lice treatment, it may be more effective to seek the advice of a health care professional. Pediatricians have the knowledge and expertise to select a treatment that will be effective for your child. However, be aware that a prescription will always cost more than OTC products. It is also important to consider your child’s insurance coverage.

While head lice do not spread disease, frequent itching can break the scalp’s skin and cause infections. Proper treatment can kill lice and their eggs in just two to three weeks. If you are experiencing frequent head lice, you may wish to consider a prescription head lice medicine. Many of these medicines will target both adult lice and nits. In some cases, lice may persist and not die even after treatment.

Another option is to purchase topical pediculicides for lice treatment. You can get a prescription for topical pediculicides and apply them to the scalp by following the instructions on the label. You should avoid using conditioner while applying these products as it may form a barrier on the scalp and reduce their effectiveness. The treatment should be applied as directed and then rinsed out carefully.

Prescription head lice medicines are a safer option than over-the-counter head lice products. Prescription medicines are also safer for women who are pregnant and breastfeeding. You should not exceed the recommended dose or mix different products. If lice are still present after the recommended treatment, it is recommended to seek medical advice.

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