Do Head Lice Cause Sores?

Do head lice cause sores? Yes, and they can be very painful. Sores are a sign of an active infestation. Children scratch their heads a lot, which can break the skin and leave sores and scabs. Children with head lice may also have trouble sleeping, making it important to treat the infestation immediately.

Head lice usually live from the eyebrows to the nape of the neck. They are transmitted through head-to-head contact with an infected person, as well as through objects that contact the person’s head. Infected children tend to be in school, daycare, and nurseries. Adults can also be infected if they come in contact with infected children. While head lice affect people of all races and sex backgrounds, they are more common among children. Because their claws are more adapted to white or Asian hair, African Americans are less likely to become infected.

You should contact your local pharmacy for advice on treatment options. Their team will be able to recognize the signs of head lice and recommend the right course of treatment. They are the most accessible healthcare professionals and don’t require an appointment. They will offer advice on the proper way to treat your child’s head lice infestation.

One of the most common symptoms of head lice is itching. The itching can be caused by an allergic reaction to the lice bites. This reaction can take several weeks to appear. Moreover, sores may develop on the head. These sores can become infected with bacteria that live on the skin.

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