Head Lice Treatment - How to Treat Furniture For Head Lice

Head Lice Treatment – How to Treat Furniture For Head Lice

Many people suffer from head lice and struggle with treatment and prevention methods. However, lice are very resistant to certain treatments and usually stay on the human head. Fortunately, furniture is not a good place to hide for lice to live. In fact, some furniture can stay infested with lice for up to two days. After this time, they die from dehydration. If you suspect your furniture is infested with lice, you should vacuum it thoroughly to get rid of any remaining lice.

For furniture, you should use a lice killing product such as Sterifab. This product has been FDA approved and is odor free. Another advantage is that it leaves no residue, so you can clean it up afterward. Sterifab is also safe to use on clothing and other fabric. The best part is that it doesn’t require mixing dangerous chemicals with fabric. Instead, you can simply spray the product on the fabric. Be sure not to soak the fabric completely, however.

The treatment will kill any head lice that may have gotten into the furniture. You can do the same for clothes and bedding. You should also wash your clothes and bedding with hot water to get rid of any head lice and nits. This will ensure that you don’t spread the infection.