Head Lice Treatment - Do I Need to Wash Bedding?

Head Lice Treatment – Do I Need to Wash Bedding?

The first step in dealing with head lice is to wash your bedding. While washing a duvet or pillow in your washing machine won’t kill the lice, it can get rid of the nits. You can use a high-heat cycle or use direct sunlight to dry the bedding. The final step is to vacuum the bedding to remove any possible hiding places.

To avoid spreading the lice, it is best to wash all the items in your household. You can do this by sorting your items the same way you do for your regular laundry. If you are washing delicate items, separate them into a separate pile. Put all the items into a washing machine and use hot water.

It is important to wash your bedding after the treatment for head lice. This will kill any lice that have survived. Make sure to use the hot wash cycle to kill any surviving lice. Then, make a fresh bed. Bed linens are another source of infestation. Be sure to wash them regularly to get rid of the infection.

Once you have discovered that your child has head lice, you should wash all of their bedding. It is also important to clean the bed linen and towels. You should also make sure to vacuum areas where your child spends the most time.