Head Lice Treatment - Can Lice Swim?

Head Lice Treatment – Can Lice Swim?

While you may think that lice can’t swim, they can hold their breath for several hours under water. This means that a quick 30-minute soak in a swimming pool will not drown lice. They will still be crawling around your head afterward. The best way to treat head lice is to catch them as early as possible.

Head lice are not likely to swim, but they can float. They can stay on your head for up to four hours without catching oxygen. This means that you can’t kill them by washing them with shampoo, and swimming alone is not enough. In fact, swimming can worsen the effect of your head lice treatment!

It’s important to avoid swimming near people with lice. Although they can survive in chlorinated water, it’s still not enough to kill head lice. While swimming in water may kill the live lice, they won’t kill the eggs or nits that lay them. You should always stay at a safe distance from people with head lice so that you won’t accidentally catch them.

Head lice are spread easily through towels, so you should never share towels with children. Towels have interwoven fabrics that are ideal for head lice to hide. To prevent the spread of head lice, you should always teach your children to use their own towels and to use swimming caps whenever they go swimming.