Head Lice - Can They Come From a Dirty House?

Head Lice – Can They Come From a Dirty House?

The first step in eliminating a head lice outbreak is to identify where it’s coming from. Although head lice are spread directly through the air, they can also be spread indirectly through shared items. Fortunately, family pets are unlikely to be a source of the infestation. However, it’s still important to take steps to prevent head lice infection in your home.

One of the easiest ways to detect if you have head lice is to examine your head. Adult lice cannot survive without a human host, as they require blood several times daily. Without the blood, they will die within a day or two. However, their eggs can survive up to three days away from the host, since they need the warmth of the scalp to hatch.

Another easy way to check for head lice is to wash all clothing and bedding with hot water. Make sure to dry them thoroughly. You can also wash hats and stuffed animals with hot water and put them in a plastic bag to dry. However, it’s important to avoid the use of pesticides for head lice control, as they can cause health risks. In addition to washing and drying clothing, you should also dry clean hair brushes and combs.

Another way to check for lice is by consulting a health care provider. In fact, pharmacists are often the most accessible health professionals. This type of healthcare professional can help you determine the best treatment for your child’s lice problem. Often, a child can be infected with head lice despite having a clean and sanitary home.