Does Head Lice Treatment Expire?

One question you may be asking yourself right now is whether your head lice treatment needs to be re-applied. The answer depends on the type of lice you have and the type of lice treatment you’re using. If you have lice, one of the most effective treatments is a lice shampoo. Unfortunately, a lice shampoo can expire if you don’t use it within the recommended expiration date.

The good news is that using products past the expiration date will not harm your hair, but you may need to follow instructions carefully. The best way to make sure your lice treatment is still effective is to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for washing and drying your hair. This way, lice can’t live on your hair for more than 24 hours.

While you’re trying to get rid of head lice, it’s important to stay away from harsh pesticides. Instead, try natural treatments to get rid of head lice. Many natural home remedies can be effective, including Vaseline, olive oil, and mayonnaise. These products usually have to be applied to the scalp at night or under a shower cap. These treatments are sometimes messy, but they’re effective for removing lice.

Another effective head lice treatment that won’t expire is malathion lotion. This is a chemical that’s approved by the FDA and is safe to use. This product can kill live lice as well as eggs, but it may not kill unhatched lice eggs. If you’re using malathion lotion, make sure to apply it in the right spots, like behind the ears and on the back of the head. Once you’ve applied the lotion, you’ll need to wait for it to dry before combing out your hair.

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