Do Head Lice Go on Pillows?

One of the most common questions about head lice is “Do head lice go on pillows?” The answer to this question depends on the type of head lice that your family may have. The fact of the matter is that head lice can live in bed linens, including pillows and pillowcases. Lice are only small, about the size of a sesame seed, and they cannot survive outside the human head. However, you can easily treat your pillows to get rid of them.

Lice live on the head of their hosts and are only known to reproduce for 48 hours after being dropped from their host. Since lice are highly contagious, they can spread from person to person, using the same bed linens and pillowcases. It is therefore important to thoroughly clean your bedding in order to avoid reinfection.

To treat your head lice infestation, it is important to take prompt action. First, make sure your pillowcases are clean and dry. Secondly, you should check all of your household members and close contacts. If you find an infected person, you should treat them at once. In addition, you should wash your hair with lice-treatment shampoo or use a special lice comb.

Lice live in the hair because it provides a warm environment. They also lay their eggs in the hair shaft. This is the only place they can live. If they aren’t on your head, they will die within a day.

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