How Can Head Lice Infest Body Hair?

Head lice are small parasites that infest the head of humans. They are spread through direct head-to-head contact, and sometimes indirectly through shared clothes or bedding. The eggs of these parasites are called nits, and they are oval-shaped and yellow or white in color. They hatch after one to two weeks. Once the eggs hatch, a young louse called a nymph emerges. Like the adult louse, the nymph feeds on blood in order to grow.

If you have head lice, the first step in curing the infestation is to find the live louse. You can do this by searching the hair and scalp with a fine-tooth comb or magnifying glass. The next step is to remove any clothing and hair from the area affected. You should also avoid using a combination shampoo/conditioner on the affected area before applying lice medication.

To remove the lice from the body, you should change clothing and take a bath. The clothes should be washed regularly to kill the lice and eggs. You should also keep in mind that body lice will die after one to two days, depending on the temperature. The eggs, however, will survive for about a week if they aren’t disturbed. If the infestation has spread beyond the head, you can brush away the affected hair.

Another step in curing the infection is to keep your home clean. Although cleanliness is important, it is not enough to keep head lice at bay. Even when you’re bathing, head lice can survive for up to six hours under water. Children who bathe often are just as susceptible as children who don’t. Also, you should wash all clothing and other personal items on a regular basis.

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