Can Head Lice Get on Animals?

Many families have dogs in the home, and children often share responsibility for their care. As pet owners, you may be wondering, “Can head lice get on animals?” The answer is yes, but there are some differences between human and dog lice. Human lice thrive in conditions unique to the human head, while animal lice prefer different conditions.

Although head lice are very difficult to catch in human beings, they can get onto animals. It is very unlikely to get head lice from your pet, although your child may be infected with them while playing with them. Thankfully, head lice do not live long enough on your pets to pose a risk to humans.

Once you think you have head lice, wash your pet to make sure it’s clean and free of eggs. You should also wash the comb and hairbrush your child uses with hot water to kill any head lice. Lice do not live long off a human head, so removing them is essential for ending an infestation.

The most important step in getting rid of lice is proper diagnosis. You should never assume that your child has them because they’re having trouble removing them. A veterinarian can tell you the right treatment based on your child’s symptoms.

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