Why Can't I Use Swarm of Flies?

Why Can’t I Use Swarm of Flies?

Swarm of Flies is a very powerful spell. It has good damage, homing and a great bleed proc, which makes it extremely useful. However, Swarm of Flies requires 11 Faith and 16 Arcane. Fortunately, these aren’t extremely high stat requirements, and there are items and extra points that can help you achieve them.

A swarm of flies is found in prisons and sewers. When it splits, it will share its HP evenly. If it doesn’t, the swarm will keep the odd HP. This is because swarms grow quickly, but their HP is very low. So, it’s important to kill the flies before they can spawn new swarms.

Swarm of Flies can still be used to stagger Melania and in other fights. In fact, the 1.04 patch is considered a good one by most players. This new patch also adds an expanded tutorial section to help new players. This makes it easier for new players to learn and master new spells.