How Quickly Can Flies Lay Eggs on Food?

Flies are tiny insects, and they can lay their eggs on a variety of materials. Food, garbage, feces, and decaying corpses are all prime targets for these critters. While most species have a life cycle of around 28 days, some species can live up to two months. Despite their short lifespan, flies are dangerous to humans.

When they lay their eggs, female flies can lay hundreds of eggs in a short time. Each egg hatches within twelve to twenty-four hours and develops into a fly. In addition, some flies lay live maggots instead of eggs. The eggs are not harmful to humans.

Fly eggs can be difficult to spot by the naked eye. They look like tiny grains of rice. When a maggot hatches, it emerges as an adult house fly. However, it’s easy to spot maggots in trash before they hatch into adult flies.

Some people throw out food immediately if a fly has landed on it. While the fly itself won’t affect the food, it can still be a dangerous presence in a home, so the first step to controlling house fly populations is to get screens on your doors and windows. Also, take your garbage out often and keep the house clean.

Flies aren’t the nicest of creatures. However, they are attracted to rotting plant matter, dead animals, and other fecal matter. This means that they can land on food in a short amount of time.

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