What Flies Should I Use For Trout in Fall?

When it comes to fishing for trout in fall, you need to make sure that you’re using the right fly patterns for the season. Midges are excellent options because they imitate small mayflies and midges. They are also a great choice for the fall evenings when trout are rising to feed. When choosing a fly, be sure to choose one with bright colors, like purple or black.

Streamers are another good option during the fall, as this is when brown trout are most aggressive and will attack anything in their zone. The black beadhead wooly bugger is one of the most popular patterns during fall spawns because it imitates small baitfish or an egg-eating predator.

During fall, trout begin to change their diets and the types of flies they feed on change. They continue to feed on small baitfish, but the hatches are shortened and less varied than during the spring. In early September, olives become the primary hatching insect, replacing the caddis.

The most popular fall fly pattern is the woolly bugger. This fly pattern can be used on any stream where mayflies live. During this time of year, the spinning action of the spinner patterns attracts trout because they’re visible from the surface of the water. This fly is best fished on a dead drift with zero drag. As trout swim beneath the fly, they sip it off the surface.

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