What Flies For Smallmouth Bass?

What Flies For Smallmouth Bass?

When you want to catch smallmouth bass, you need to know what types of flies to use. The type of fly you use can make a difference between catching bass and losing them. You need to choose the right fly for the water temperature, as well as the body type of the fish.

A scud fly is a simple but effective pattern. It sinks like a rock, has flash and mojo, and is highly effective during the winter months. The scud is also very versatile, and can be fished aggressively or simply near the bottom.

Another popular fly is the leech. This is an excellent imitation of baitfish. These flies are available in olive or black, and are particularly effective in stillwater fisheries. You can use these flies with a sink tip line or a floating line. If you are fishing in shallower waters, try fishing the leech in slow, deliberate movements.

Crawdads are another food source that smallmouth bass love. While some of them eat them, they chase them and eat them. This fly has realistic joints and skirts on the bottom, just like a real crawdad. It also has floating claws that look real in the water. These features entice big smallmouth to attack it.

Topwater fishing is another exciting way to catch smallmouth bass. These fish like to smash poppers off the surface. A simple bass popper is a great topwater fly, and can be far more effective than a deer hair popper. It produces a lot of noise and is durable. It can be fished in two ways, but it works best when fished around cover or in a fast current.