How Can You Kill a Fly With Hairspray?

If you have a fly problem, you might be wondering how you can kill a fly with hairspray. Hairspray works by creating a liquid elastic which stiffens the fly’s wings. The wings of a fly normally beat between 200 to 330 times per second, so by freezing them, the fly becomes an easy target. Dishwashing liquid also acts as a fly killer by disrupting the breathing mechanism of the insect.

There are many ways to get rid of flies, including spraying the area around the fly’s breeding source. The best method is to place the fly spray at the source of the infestation, which is usually within the structure or in the yard. This can help kill existing flies and keep them from breeding in the same area. One such spray is MULTIPURPOSE INSECT KILLER, which kills flying insects with the power of hairspray. Apply the spray in the affected area and release it for five to ten seconds. Do this for two to three times daily.

The spray is effective against common flies and cockroaches. The spray should cover the fly completely. In addition, the insect should be completely dead, because hairspray is sticky and can cling to body parts.

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