What Flies Can Bite

Flies bites are often unpleasant. Children have very thin skin, and this makes them vulnerable to insect bites. The irritation can lead to infections and itching. Some children may also have allergic reactions. In these cases, it is wise to consult a doctor. There are medicines for children that can relieve the itching.

Horseflies are another type of fly that can bite. They are similar to mosquitoes, but their diet is different. While female horseflies feed on blood to conceive, male horseflies feed on plant nectar. They can grow as long as two centimeters and can have red and yellow stripes on their wings.

House flies can be annoying and painful to humans. These flies typically bite during fall and displace normal indoor insects. House flies can be particularly irritating to allergy-prone people. While they are not typically carriers of infectious diseases, house flies can carry diseases such as typhus, tuberculosis, sepsis, and anthrax.

Flies are a diverse group of insects that live all over the world. About five thousand different species exist. Some feed on plant juices, decaying fruit, and manure. Others are blood suckers, able to bite both humans and animals. Fortunately, the majority of flies do not pose a threat to humans.

While the ordinary indoor species do not carry blood-sucking traits, they are still uncomfortable to touch. However, there are more dangerous types of flies that feed on human blood. The zhigalki type has gray bodies and grows up to seven millimeters in length. The zhigalok’s proboscis is long and rough. The saliva it injects into the wound causes a sharp pain that is sometimes very painful.

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